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Industrial Water Quality Standards – Are You Up To Scratch?

Posted by Peter Wood on 18-Oct-2016 08:25:00

In the UK, the food, drink, cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturing standards for industrial water quality must adhere to the standards outlined in the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) and European Pharmacopoeia (EP). Exporters to the USA also need to comply with American FDA standards Complying with these standards involves ensuring that all water treatment systems used in your facility are working as they should be. Fortunately, the standards required of manufacturing water by the BP, EP and FDA are very similar.

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Is Your Cosmetics Business Meeting The FDA Water Standards?

Posted by Peter Wood on 06-Oct-2016 10:05:00

The quality of the water used in manufacturing cosmetic products is absolutely crucial, especially if you are producing for the export market. Many cosmetic products begin as concentrations which must be watered down before being placed into packaging, so that chemical reactions can be avoided. Also, water used in the cosmetics industry must be as pure as possible, so as to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

All British cosmetic companies have to comply with UK and EU manufacturing quality regulations. However, if you sell your products to the USA you also need to comply with standards set out by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Under this legislation, water is considered to be a raw material in the cosmetics manufacturing process.

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