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5 Steps To Effective Bacteria Removal In Water Purification Systems

Posted by Peter Wood on 07-Aug-2018 09:37:36

Bacteria is one of the worst enemies of all water purification systems. The key to keeping it away is proper prevention. In case the prevention methods fail and bacteria makes its way into the system, it’s vital to get rid of it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it starts spreading and creating a biofilm, a protection layer which is extremely hard to remove.

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Skid-Mounted Labstar RO system Dispatched

Posted by Peter Wood on 03-Aug-2018 12:49:11

Another bespoke plug & play skid-mounted Labstar RO system from Wychwood Water Systems about to be dispatched.

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Case Study - Pharmaceutical Company in South Wales

Posted by Peter Wood on 01-Aug-2018 09:01:09


A long established and expanding pharmaceutical company in South Wales had brand new premises designed and built to suit their ongoing needs. Having had a long-standing relationship with Wychwood Water Systems Ltd as a purified water system supplier and maintenance support provider, they invited Wychwood Water Systems to site to discuss the new requirement.

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Wychwood Helps Leading Testing Lab With Water Upgrade

Posted by Peter Wood on 26-Jul-2018 14:40:16


One advantage of being a small company with experienced technical sales & service personnel is that each enquiry can be considered on its own merits in detail. On this basis after being called in to conduct a review, Wychwood Water carried out a free site survey together with a report on the existing laboratory water purification ringmain system. The existing water purification system had been installed by a competitor and the client was concerned about its longevity.

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What Are The Water Treatment Challenges For Borehole Supplies?

Posted by Peter Wood on 19-Jul-2018 10:54:16

Like many essential things, the cost of water in the UK is relatively modest unless you consume a lot of it. For large volume mains water users, it makes sense to discover whether your property has a suitable borehole supply, typically done by engaging the services of a reputable borehole drilling specialist who will undertake a hydrogeological survey as part of their site and risk assessment. As part of the assessment, a laboratory analysis will be obtained.

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Why Is Quality Water Purification System Servicing Important?

Posted by Peter Wood on 12-Jul-2018 16:08:30

Water purification system servicing is vital to your system’s longevity and performance. Regardless of the water purification type, the system will benefit from close attention on a regular basis. The majority of systems require professional maintenance twice a year, as well as regular membrane cleaning, filter replacement, chemical regeneration etc.

Why is servicing so important? Let’s take a look at just a few problems which can arise due to improper or irregular maintenance.

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Topics: Industrial Water Quality, Water Purification Solutions

Water Wastage In RO – Can It Be Reduced?

Posted by Peter Wood on 06-Jul-2018 12:51:18

Water wastage in RO (reverse osmosis) is one of the most discussed problems among water purification system designers and users. With so much time, effort, and money invested in purifying the water for industrial purposes, losing over 30 percent is upsetting, to say the least.

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Purified Water, Beers & Spirits

Posted by Peter Wood on 22-May-2018 16:41:21

Distilled spirits and beers have one common ingredient – water.

Sounds great. Readily available out of the tap, potable, drinkable - job done.

Unfortunately, with the composition of water being variable, and supplies differing geographically, as well as daily, this amazing product isn’t as straightforward as it seems…

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Continuous Electro Deioniser, (CDI)(EDI)(CEDI) - How To Achieve A Trouble Free Performance

Posted by Peter Wood on 16-Apr-2018 10:45:46

The Complete System Design

Most water treatment and purified water systems are very reliant on good system design. When you introduce CDI into the system you take this a stage further.

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Topics: Continuous Electro Deioniser

How To Improve Industrial Water Quality With A Reverse Osmosis System

Posted by Peter Wood on 06-Apr-2018 15:05:56

Installing an industrial reverse osmosis (RO) system provides your company with a good solution for large-scale water purification. Reverse Osmosis is very effective at removing small waterborne contaminants and aqueous salts that may evade other filtration processes. These contaminants, if left in the water, may compromise the quality of the process water.

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Topics: Reverse Osmosis

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