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Commercial DI Water System Cost - What Should You Be Paying?

Posted by Peter Wood on 23-Oct-2018 14:38:54

Commercial DI Water System Cost - What Should You Be Paying

Even though deionisation (DI) is less commonly used than reverse osmosis, many industries use this system to prepare process water for their needs. Deionised water, which meets the necessary purity standards, can be used in the pharmaceutical, microelectronics manufacturing, automotive, cosmetics, food, and other industries.

While this type of water purification is useful and less prone to human error, it’s the cost that often dictates the company’s choice. So how much should the DI water system cost? The price you pay depends on numerous factors.

Initial Investment

The starting cost of an industrial DI water plant is about £10,000. However, if you are looking for a large commercial deionisation water system, the realistic price tag is between £25,000 and £35,000.

If you decide to opt for a continuous electro deionisation (CEDI) system, the initial price will be substantially higher. However, the operating costs are lower than for other deionisation systems, which depend on chemically charged resin beds.

Operational Costs

The overall DI system cost must be calculated with consideration of the operating expenses, which aren’t low. The average operation cost of such a system is about £5,000 per year. However, when you compare it to tens of thousands of pounds spent on purchasing ready-to-use deionised water, the ROI is high.

Type & Structure Of Resins

Conventional deionisation of water is done with the help of charged resins. There are four different classes of such resins, and each one comes with its own price tag.

  • Weak base anion exchange resins
  • Strong base anion exchange resins
  • Weak acid cation exchange resins
  • Strong acid cation exchange resins

Each resin has a specific structure which can affect the operational cost of your industrial DI plant. Depending on the industry the deionised water is for, the cost of the optimal resins may vary.

Water Pre-Treatment

Before deionisation, the water requires pre-treatment in order to remove bacteria. Many industries prefer using a RO (Reverse Osmosis) system to deal with the organic contaminants.

Factoring the RO system into the overall DI system cost can change the price tag dramatically. The general starting price of an industrial RO system is about £9,000.

Degree Of Automation

Deionised water systems come with different degrees of automation. Fully automated systems leave little room for human error. They are more suitable for large facilities with a few employees, who are busy with other tasks, or companies wanting to reduce staff training costs.

A highly automated DI water system comes with a bigger investment cost but fewer labour/operational expenses.

Choosing The Right Deionisation Water System

At Wychwood we have a wide variety of deionisation systems for your industrial purposes. If you have any questions about DI water system costs, our team are ready to give you a free consultation at any time. For more information about DI water systems, please download our free Guide To Deionised Water Treatment Systems by clicking here.

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