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Which Commercial Application Is Reverse Osmosis Right For?

Posted by Peter Wood on 14-Nov-2018 10:11:00

Which Commercial Application Is Reverse Osmosis Right For_


Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most widely used industrial water purification process. Even though some water wastage is unavoidable, the simplicity and impressive output have made RO systems the choice of numerous companies.

The major benefits of RO include the lack of chemicals used for water purification, making it suitable for many different commercial applications.

1. Pharmaceutical Industry

Highly purified water is essential for pharmaceutical industry production purposes. All pharmaceutical drugs contain pure water. Reverse Osmosis removes dangerous bacteria, and deals with organics and dissolved solids, making water suitable for purpose.

Pharmaceutical companies employ Reverse Osmosis together with UV sterilisers to achieve the highest levels of purity.

2. Agricultural Sector

The agricultural industry has an extreme need for purified water for irrigation. High agricultural demand for fresh groundwater has made the supply scarce, especially during dry summers like the one we’re having in 2018. As a result, the water needs to be obtained elsewhere and purified offsite.

Even though water for irrigation doesn’t need to be as clean as for industrial and commercial purposes, it still requires Reverse Osmosis to comply with food safety standards.

3. Healthcare Industry

Purified water is a must-have for numerous processes in hospitals. For example, different types of dialysis require sterile water. Reverse Osmosis has many medical uses, allowing the hospitals to comply with their safety standards.

4. Semiconductor Manufacturing

The semiconductor industry involves precise processes to manufacture chips and microchips. Modern chips are so complex that they may take days to create. Part of the manufacturing process is rinsing, which removes mineral residues.

The rinsing solution must be pure. Otherwise, the chip may become useless. That’s why the semiconductor industry takes advantage of Reverse Osmosis. Coupled with other techniques, RO allows chip manufacturers to produce ultra-pure water.

5. Cooling Systems

Purified water has excellent heat absorption properties. That’s why it’s ideal for cooling devices. Clean water absorbs heat and removes it safely from the system.

The excellent heat transfer and disposal properties make pure water highly demanded for such systems as cooling towers. Reverse Osmosis allows numerous industries to use water for cooling and heating purposes.

6. Power Plants

Another use of Reverse Osmosis is power generation. Electric power plants use nuclear fuel, oil, coal or gas to create steam, which turns turbines to create electricity. Contamination of the steam causes boiler problems and reduces output. As a result, plants suffer higher operational costs and wastage.

Reverse Osmosis does an excellent job of purifying water to create impeccable steam for electricity-producing purposes. The lack of dangerous water purification chemicals make Reverse Osmosis an excellent choice for power plants.

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These are only a few commercial applications that Reverse Osmosis is right for. RO can save energy, reduce water wastage, and protect valuable equipment. It’s the most widely-used water purification method for commercial use.

If you are wondering which water purification system is right for your business, we’ll be glad to give you a free consultation. For more information about Reverse Osmosis, please download our free Industrial Water Purification Guide.

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