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Product Focus: Labstar RO Range

Posted by Peter Wood on 13-Jun-2017 15:10:00

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The Labstar RO range is a compact reverse osmosis system which provides 98 to 99% total solids rejection. They are suitable for a wide range of manufacturing businesses. Reverse osmosis is an ideal water purification solution for many facilities, able to produce water that’s nearly 100% pure with dramatically reduced TDS levels.

The Labstar RO range is capable of handling high feed water flows through their membranes and can operate effectively at low water pressures, saving you energy costs.

The LABSTAR range provides units with a permeate output between 30 and 160 litres per hour.

The LABSTAR RO range also stand out from the competitors as a cost effective system for producing varying quantities of purified water.

99% TDS Reduction

Ideal for laboratories, metal finishing, environmental test chambers and humidifiers, the compact Labstar RO employs two stages for TDS removal. The first is organic absorption, and the second is the reverse osmosis process itself. The process removes up to 99% of total dissoluble solids (TDS).


To obtain the best conversion of the feed water to reverse osmosis permeate it is best to soften the feed water to remove calcium from the feed water. This can be achieved by using an inexpensive cabinet based water softener. This enables a recovery of the feed water of 70%. It also provides a long economic life of the RO membranes. A complete range of water softeners can be provided in simplex and duplex configurations.

It is also possible to feed the LASTAR with deionised water. This process can provide low conductivity, low bacteria and low endotoxin. 

Built-In Alerts

Water quality in the Labstar RO is displayed via a front-mounted panel screen illuminated by a green backlight. When the preferred output conductivity exceeds the pre-set value, the backlight flashes red.

Compact Design

The Labstar RO compact design allows it to be mounted to a floor, bench or wall, making it ideal for facilities where space is at a premium.

Contact Wychwood For Your Water Treatment Needs

Our team is experienced with water treatment in all industries. We not only offer a wide range of products for water purification, but also provide maintenance contracts at several service levels to suit your facility and ensure continued operation. 

Our training sessions for both operators and maintenance staff will provide the knowledge you need for proper care of your Labstar RO 90 unit, as well as ensuring all its important features are used to their full potential. Simply contact to find out more.


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