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Product Focus: Skid-mounted Ionmaster Classic System

Posted by Peter Wood on 20-Jun-2017 13:30:00

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The Skid-mounted Ionmaster classic is a cost-effective deionisation system with easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements. The IONMASTER Classic is a simple and efficient way to produce Deionised water at a regular quality for your production facility. Having an on-site system has several benefits, including no water purchase requirements or downtime while waiting for delivery. In addition, water testing can be completed at your facility for uninterrupted operation.

The Ionmaster Classic system allows facilities to rid manufacturing water of sodium, magnesium and other contaminants, down to the required level of purity. Using the process of ion exchange, the Ionmaster Classic can purify water with flow rates of up to 2,500 litres per hour.

For ease of installation, at Wychwood we offer two solutions; the Ionmaster can be installed in a permanent location, or is available in skid-mounted form.

Why Choose The Skid-mounted Ionmaster Classic?

The skid-mounted Ionmaster Classic provides many features and benefits. Not only is the system pre-installed and commissioned on the skid, but room on the skid has been made for inbuilt duplex controls if a second unit is needed.

The skid-mounted Ionmaster Classic requires far less time to install, as its low-level switch, pressure and flow gauges, pump starter, raw water tank and pump have already been installed. The entire assembly is manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials, making it durable and reliable.

The Same Continuous Water Quality Of The Classic

The skid-mounted Ionmaster Classic offers the same flow rates to prevent bacterial growth, as well as the same quality cation and anion resins of its permanently-installed counterpart. In addition, the skid-mounted version also has an integrated control system for the proper treatment of feed water.

The average achievable water quality of the skid-mounted system is 5 to 8 microsiemen with a cut of quality of 20 microsiemen. The IONMASTER Classic 30 has a maximum flow rate of 1500 litres per hour. The IONMASTER Classic 75 has a maximum flow rate of 2000 litres per hour.

Regeneration Chemical Usage

Regeneration of ion exchange resins is accomplished with hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. 10 litres of Hcl and 11 litres of NaOH are required for the Classic 30, and 18 and 20 litres required for the Classic 75.

Contact Wychwood For Your Next Deionisation System

Our team of water purification experts have the experience and expertise to recommend the best system for your facility. We offer a full supply and implementation service, with flexible service and repair contracts to suit your ongoing needs.

We offer full training on all the Ionmaster units we sell, including informative seminars for maintenance and operating staff. The many benefits of the skid-mounted Ionmaster Classic make it a sound choice for water treatment. For more information about how our skid-mounted system can benefit your facility, simply contact


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