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Product Spotlight: Ionmaster ACTB, A Rinse Water Recycling System For The Surface Finishing Industry

Posted by Peter Wood on 24-May-2017 14:30:00

Product Spotlight Ionmaster ACTB, A Rinse Water Recycling System For The Surface Finishing Industry.jpeg

The Ionmaster ACTB is one of the most efficient systems we offer for increasing water efficiency and cutting back on waste. Among the many costs involved with running your facility, the cost of water wastage may be one of the highest. If your facility engages in any of the following processes, chances are that you will require rinsing with deionised water in order to remove any contaminant residue from items before they move to the next stage of production:

  • Etching
  • Plating
  • Phosphating
  • Chroming
  • Anodising

Typically, a system consisting of several rinses will be needed. These rinses will occasionally be followed by either a cascade of two rinse baths or a static drag-out bath before culminating in a once-through rinse and being discharged.

Where Does Your Water Go?

Are you aware of where your water goes once the rinsing process has completed? Most of the time, waste water from rinsing ends up in the overflow. This incurs several costs. Not only does your facility need to pay for the discharge of this effluent, but they also must pay for the treatment of any chemicals contained in the effluent.

Although there are various charges for effluent, the costs to bring mains water into your facility can be as high as £1.95 per thousand litres. These additional (and avoidable) expenses increase the cost of your manufacturing process.

How Much Water Do You Use?

Typically, the flow of rinse water is set very high because this will keep contaminant levels within the acceptable levels required by your local water authority. This can lead to incredibly high volumes of water being wasted, which increases manufacturing costs and eats into profit. If your facility uses more than 30m3 per day of process water, you likely have need of a water recycling system.

Recycling your process water will allow you to improve the overall quality of the water used for rinsing, as well as eliminating or greatly reducing your water wastage and costs. One of the most effective ways to do this is with Wychwood Water’s Ionmaster ACTB.

How The Ionmaster ACTB Eliminates Water Waste

The Ionmaster ACTB collects process water in a tank to feed the water deionisation unit. It first goes through an activated carbon stage, which removes organic contamination to prevent fouling of the ion exchange resin. Water enters a final rinse tank by gravity or pump. This provides a nearly endless and continuous supply of high purity rinse water.

The ion exchange media is regenerated once it has reached its limit for contaminants. The effluent from this regeneration is typically far less than 10 percent of the total recycled water, but contains concentrated contaminants which, in this form, can be treated in many ways, including by evaporation and precipitation.

The Only Solution You Need

The Ionmaster ACTB is available in a range of 6 different sizes to suit your facility’s requirements. If you’ve been searching for a way to continually recirculate, polish and reuse your deionised rinse water, this unit could be what you’re looking for.

Expert Training & Advice

AT Wychwood Water we specialise in industrial deionisation and water treatment processes, and have a range of products to improve your water efficiency. We provide expert consultancy to help you discover ways to reduce your process water costs, and also offer training on all our products for your operation and maintenance staff. Our training seminars will ensure your staff have the knowledge they need to safely and expertly operate our range of industrial water treatment units.

A datasheet for the Ionmaster ACTB is available by contacting or completing the form on this page.


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