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Product Spotlight: Ionmaster Classic, A Low Cost, Low Volume Water Deioniser

Posted by Peter Wood on 30-May-2017 14:58:52

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The Ionmaster Classic is an excellent all-round deioniser from the Ionmaster range, with a fully updated suite of tools and features.  It is available in two sizes; the Classic 30 and Classic 75. If it’s been some time since you last replaced your deionisation system, you may not be aware of some of the innovations and developments that are currently available on the market. 

Why Deionisation Is A Superior Water Treatment Method

Deionisation is a cost-effective electrochemical process used to remove contaminants from your facility’s water. In having a system on site, there is no need to purchase deionised water and wait for delivery. As well, an in-house deionisation system allows you to have access to any number of water quality levels, on demand.

As far as testing is concerned, an on-site deionisation system allows samples to be taken at any time and tested without the additional cost of transport them, or the additional lag time for results. Both of these benefits allow your facility to continue production uninterrupted.

Ensuring Continued Water Quality

One of the major benefits of the Ionmaster is its variable flow rate. At 2,000 litres per hour (Classic 75) or 1500 lph (Classic 30), these remain high enough that water does not become stagnant and promote bacterial growth, reducing the amount of pre-treatment required before deionisation. 

Contaminant Removal

The Ionmaster Classic deionisation system removes magnesium, sodium and other contaminants from water using positively and negatively charged beds of ion exchange resins.

The quality anion and cation resins attract water ions and contaminants, and exchange them for hydrogen ions. Should you need to pre-treat your feed water, the system has an integrated control system which allows input from feed water tank level switches.

Available As Complete Skid Mounted System

Go to to find out more about the Ionmaster Classic as a complete, compact skid mounted system, pre-installed and commissioned on a skid.

Ionmaster Deionisation Systems From Wychwood

Our team at Wychwood water are always ready to speak with you about your water purification requirements. We install and maintain a wide range of Ionmaster water purification products to meet the needs of clients in a variety of manufacturing sectors.

For more information about the Ionmaster Classic series of deionised water systems, contact and we will send you a full data sheet. 


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