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4 Signs Your Water Treatment Plant Needs An Upgrade

Posted by Peter Wood on 02-Aug-2019 10:58:00

4 Signs Your Water Treatment Plant Needs An Upgrade

Is your current water treatment system misbehaving or not producing the results that you want? Have you been experiencing poor quality feed water, strange behaviour from machines, or a slow output rate? Have any processes suffered from substandard items when it comes to quality control? If so, your current equipment may not be up to the tasks that you're setting it. Have a Project/Requirement In Mind? Click To Request A Quote
Water filtration systems will age, break, or become overwhelmed by the volume and type of water they're asked to clean. You may want to consider a plant upgrade or renovation. Wychwood Water can give you a quote, free of charge, for whatever you're planning to install or improve. In the meantime, here are four common signs that your water treatment plant isn't performing that you should look out for.

1) Overloading

Is your system stalling, pumping slowly, or producing cloudy or discoloured output water? If so, your machines may be taking on more water than they can handle. This can happen with both wastewater and feed water processing. You might see overloading if new tanks or machinery which draws on a filtration source have been added to an existing system without more filtration capacity being installed. It can also be the sign of a system that needs maintenance, part replacement, or a filter change, as a dirty or contaminated system reduces flow.

Try lowering the rate of input, reducing water pressure, or installing more processing equipment. A good preventative maintenance schedule (including a set schedule for changing the filters in reverse osmosis machinery) can help you avoid blockages and overloading.

2) Strange Odours

Does your processed water or wastewater smell like sulphur or chemical waste? This can be a sign that your system is clogged internally or that a machine isn't processing water as it should. Polluted wastewater that becomes jammed or stuck can become stagnant, running the risk of bacterial infection. It can also be a sign that something is leaking into your pipework that shouldn't be. If your water is reaching the end of the filtration process cloudy or still full of particles as well, you should definitely look at having your machinery serviced or replaced.

3) Electrical Faults

If your pump fails to turn on, you may have a separate electrical fault causing problems. Check the breakers and fuses to see that your electrical grid isn't overloaded or broken. Overheating can also trip safety mechanisms designed to stop machines turning on. Is your facility properly ventilated and cooled?

4) Alarms

Most modern filtration systems come equipped with digital monitors and sensors to tell you when something is wrong. If the alarm trips, make a careful note of where and what the system is trying to indicate is wrong.

Find Out More

At Wychwood, we'll be able to analyse this data and tell you precisely what your system needs to sort itself out. To find out about our planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and repair services, please call 01993 892211.

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Have a Project/Requirement In Mind? Click To Request A Quote

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