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The Importance Of Quality Servicing And Calibration In The Successful Operation Of A Water Treatment System

Posted by Peter Wood on 18-Nov-2016 14:07:00


You cannot beat quality servicing and calibration in the successful operation of water treatment systems.

Preventive Maintenance

Quality preventive maintenance procedures conducted by an experienced Engineer will optimise the performance of the plant and itemise and predict items that will require replacement in the future. During the servicing of a plant the full automatic process operation of the plant should be tested and replicated in detail. This will often involve adjustments to compensate for seasonal variations and temperatures. All flows, pressures, draws and velocities should be examined and compared with previous service and commissioning data. Quality preventive maintenance will maximise efficient plant operation and minimise costly plant down time.

Calibration Of Instruments

It is very important that the user can trust and believe the information provided by any instrument. From this it goes without saying that any service preventive maintenance procedures must include calibration of any such instruments to known traceable standards. A typical life span of these calibrations is six months, which should tie in with the duration of service preventive maintenance procedures.

Optimise Chemical Usage

Many types of water treatment plants use one or more types of chemical. In poorly maintained plants it is possible for the chemical usage rate to fall out of calibration resulting in excessive chemical use, increased operating costs and excessive effluent generated. For effective operation and good economics all chemical draws and doses should be checked, cleaned and adjusted during Engineer preventive maintenance visits.

Minimise Waste Water Produced

Anyone operating a business will know that water and waste water costs continue to rise. In operating poorly maintained water plants, often in an attempt to save money. This can be a false economy and result in excess waste water discharge and increased raw water consumption. The most economic water treatment plants are well designed and supported with regular quality maintenance procedures.

Establish Media And Membrane Condition And Predict Ongoing Costs

Water treatment plants always use some form of media and or membrane in the process operation. These items are always consumable items that require maintaining and replacing as required. Quality servicing from experienced Engineers will establish the current condition of these items and predict for the user when such items will require replacing. This enables the user to budget for ongoing costs.

Maintain And Replace Consumable Items

There are a whole host of consumable items used in water systems which require replacement at varying frequencies. Within a service plan an experienced Engineer will advise on the suitability of any consumables and make recommendations for the use of more economic and effective items.

Full Engineers Report Detailing Any Follow Up Action Required

Quality servicing should be finalised by the provision of an Engineers report. The report should detail the plant as found, all actions completed, plant operating data and all recommendations and follow up actions. The report is a reference for the client and a record of plant performance for later comparison.

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