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Why Is Quality Water Purification System Servicing Important?

Posted by Peter Wood on 12-Jul-2018 16:08:30

Quality Water Purification System

Water purification system servicing is vital to your system’s longevity and performance. Regardless of the water purification type, the system will benefit from close attention on a regular basis. The majority of systems require professional maintenance twice a year, as well as regular membrane cleaning, filter replacement, chemical regeneration etc.

Why is servicing so important? Let’s take a look at just a few problems which can arise due to improper or irregular maintenance.

Reduced Water Output

Reverse osmosis systems depend on the quality of their membranes. As soon as the membranes are clogged, the water wastage volume goes up, resulting in more water consumption and boosted expenses.

Degraded and worn membranes stop doing their purification job properly. That’s why it’s vital to clean and replace membranes on time. Membrane cleaning is part of a regular reverse osmosis purification system maintenance schedule. Many maintenance tasks should be performed by a professional, although company staff members with proper training can clean the membranes on their own.

Excessive Regeneration Chemical Use

In deionised water treatment systems, the key to keeping the output at its maximum and reducing your operation expense is watching the condition of your ion exchange resins. Old resins lose their charge and lead to a variety of problems, including excessive use of regenerating chemicals, reduced water output, slow rinse up from generators, and much more.

Ideally, ion exchange resins last for 3 years before they need replacing. However, improper use and servicing of the water treatment system can lead to problems before the “expiry” date is up.

Bacterial Contamination

No matter how much money you invest in a purification system, there are chances that bacteria may penetrate and become embedded. This nightmare can be avoided by regular system maintenance & disinfection.

Failing to go through biannual system disinfection can lead to a variety of bacteria-related problems.

Keeping the water clean is a delicate balancing act. Failing to get good results from a water purification system may lead to formidable expenses and equipment failure. The easiest way to avoid a disaster is to adhere to a simple maintenance schedule.

The best way is to keep in touch with a water purification system expert, who can explain where when and how the servicing must be performed. Since purification systems are often working around the clock, the assistance of a 24-hour helpline is priceless.

It is also worth keeping a daily log of key system parameters such as pressure drop, water quality, temperature, permeate production and the like. This information can be used by those entrusted with maintenance to assess the system and establish any trend analysis. It can also be shared with the service provider as required and proves an extremely useful tool for communication prior to each service visit.

Investing in the most expensive quality water purification system doesn’t ensure flawless functioning. Without maintenance, you may be stuck with costly replacements in just a few months.

Planned Preventative Maintenance & Repairs From Wychwood Water

At Wychwood, we offer numerous maintenance plans for your water purification systems. In case you would like to service the system on your own, one of our experts can provide training to your team. For more information about water purification system servicing, please download our e-book: The Industrial Water Purification Guide by clicking here.

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