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Wychwood Water Senior Engineer Receives Sanofi Safety Award

Posted by Peter Wood on 05-Mar-2018 14:23:50


We are very proud of our senior engineer Owen Beckwith, who recently received a safety award from Sanofi; a major European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and a long-term client of ours. The annual award is a reflection of the seriousness placed on health and safety by Sanofi. All contractors are expected to adhere to the strictest safety standards – with the award going to contractors who demonstrate excellence above and beyond the expected level.

Every year a dinner and presentation ceremony is held by Sanofi at their facility at Haverhill, Suffolk. In the image above, Owen can be seen accepting his award from Jim Moretta, the Sanofi General Manager at Haverhill.

About Sanofi

Sanofi are a world leader in pharmaceutical research and development, employing over 40,000 staff at 81 sites in 36 countries. Every year they produce nearly 4.5 billion individual packages of pharmaceutical drugs. With a research budget in excess of €6 billion, Sanofi’s medical products are used to treat a host of deadly illnesses including childhood cancers, heart disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). They are also responsible for developing vaccines for use around the world. With such a broad based profile and important line of work, Sanofi take a belt and braces approach to quality and safety. This simply is no margin for error when it comes to process water standards, for instance.

Safety By Design

This is one of the reasons we are honoured to work with a business such as Sanofi, and also why we are a good match. Sanofi choose their contractors carefully. At Wychwood Water we have an equally thorough approach to safety standards and engineering quality when designing, installing and maintaining water treatment plants for our clients. We take an engineering design approach to risk management, mapping out potential problems and avoiding them through proactive planning.

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To find out more about our approach to water treatment plant design and maintenance, please call us today on 01993 892211. More general information about industrial water treatment can also be found in our free downloadable e-book: The Guide To Industrial Water Purification Systems. Claim your copy today by clicking here.

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